Perfectly frame the windows to your soul!

With nearly 14 years experience between Sam & Natalie over 5 seperate courses we class ourselves as lash & brow experts!

We stock every style of lash to ensure we have the perfect set for every client. There are 6 variations of curl, thickness ranges from 0.03mm to 0.20mm, we have standard and flat lashes, and lengths from 6mm to 15mm! Our lash experts can advise you on which style would suit you depending on your desired look and what is realistically achievable without causing any harm to your natural lash. As with most beauty treatments, there is aftercare to follow, this aftercare will ensure you get the most out of your lash extensions treatment and can be found in our blog (Link at bottom of page)

If extensions aren't your thing (don't worry, we wont judge!), We also offer LVL Lashes & The One Shot Lash Lift by Elleebana. Lash Lifts  are the stunning maintenance free alternative for gorgeous glamorous lashes that last up to 6-8 weeks! Similar to a perm but more advanced, Check here for 5 reasons why you'll LOVE Lash Lifting! You'll find a link at the bottom of this page about looking after your Lash Lift. If you want to know the science behind LVL, pop over to the official LVL page by clicking here.

Now lets talk about brows! After launching in 2008, HD brows fast became one of the most popular brow treatments in the beauty industry. Sam first trained with HD Brows in 2013 and has been completely OCD about brows every since which led to her training in semi permanent brows in 2016!(click here for more info on semi permanent makeup) Due to the ever growing clientele, we have now invested in our salon manager Natalie training with HD Brows, so this treatment along with lashes is available 6 days a week!  Check the official HD Brows website for more information on what this game changing treatment entails. If you require something a little longer lasting than traditional tint then you need to try our new Henna Brows! This brow tinting system is taking the industry by storm with its ability to tint the skin aswel as the hair resulting in longer lasting colour!

Eyelash Extensions:

Classic Nouveau Lashes (1:1 Method) £30 Full Set, £20 Maintenance*
Russian Volume Lashes (4:1 Method) £45 Full Set, £30 Maintenance*
Master Volume Lashes (8:1 Method) £60 Full Set, £40 Maintenance*


Lash Lift & Tint:
LVL Lashes / Elleebana £35*

Lash Tint £7.50* 


Brow Treatments:
HD Brows £25*

Brow Tint £7.50*

Brow Wax £5

*Patch Test Required

Lash Aftercare

Click here for the official Nouveau Lashes aftercare

Official LVL Aftercare can be found here



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